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The terms you agree to by using staymad.cc

1. Terms of Service

By accessing this website and purchasing products you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service. If you are breaking any local or state law by accessing this website or using any of its services or content you do so at your own risk.

2. License & Limitations

Permission is granted to download and run any material (software or other digital media) provided by staymad.cc so long as they do not conflict with the following terms. You may not: 1) Users are not permitted to modify, decompile, reverse engineer or make any content originating from this site available elsewhere without written permission from staymad.cc. 2) All digital media and software from staymad.cc are for non-commercial use. You may not sublicense or resell without written permission from staymad.cc. 3) You may not in any way attempt to remove any watermarks or other features used for identification. 4) You may not lend, lease, trade, sell or transfer any subscriptions or licenses to other users.

3. Disclaimer

All media and content provided by staymad.cc are provided “as is”. staymad.cc makes no warranties neither direct or implied nor does staymad.cc guarantee the safety of any software or digital media it provides. staymad.cc and any of its employees, staff, associates, and users are not liable for any damages caused by the use of any media or software provided. All software and media provided by staymad.cc are used at your own risk. Including but not limited to data loss/corruption, computer instability, bandwidth use etc.

4. External Linking

The majority of external links that were not posted by staymad.cc and/or its employees are not verified to be free of any potentially malicious content. Although we encourage anyone who discovers a malicious link to report it to a staff member/employee staymad.cc makes no guarantees that any link is safe. Any links that a user follows are done at their own risk.

5. 3rd Party Actions

staymad.cc is in no way, shape or form responsible for any 3rd parties taking action due to the use of any content provided. This includes but is not limited to game bans, kicks, fees, etc. Any and all losses are solely the user's responsibility.

6. Refunds & Terminations

You are eligible for a full refund if one (1) or more of the following conditions are met: The software is not working correctly for you and it has been less than 24 hours since your purchase Your subscription was automatically renewed and it has been less than 24 hours since the payment went through You have some other reason that makes you think you are eligible for a refund. In this case please contact us Frequent abuse of our refund policy will result in your account being banned (frequent refunding and re-purchasing). If you think you are eligible for a refund, please contact us at our discord server: https://discord.gg/WUc5ZmDyjk

Cryptocurrency payments are not refundable!